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Posted on December 10th, 2013

oQueue version 1.6.9 has dropped as a mandatory update! What does a mandatory update mean? A mandatory update is declared when changes are made to the messaging protocol that oQueue uses to communicate. With oQueue version 1.6.9, there has also been changes to the blizzard addon api. Due to these changes to the addon api and oQueue messaging protocol, users who are slow to update to 1.6.9 from earlier versions will fail to see group information and may experience a larger than normal number of LUA error messages. As always you can pickup the latest vesion from the authors website Continue Reading

Posted on December 3rd, 2013

Although there has been numerous blue posts (mostly on the eu forums) actually encouraging the use of oQueue, there has been quite a bit of slander concerning oQueue going on ever since it “hit it big”, and to be honest quite a bit prior to that (mainly in the pvp community), thankfully today Vrakthris answered the age old question of: Can I be banned for using oQueue?… and the official answer is: NO. Original Thread Screenshots or it didn’t happen:

Posted on December 21st, 2013

You can download oQueue exclusively at v1.7.4 BUGFIX: announce-premades will only display if name changes on existing groups BUGFIX: log button and bounty board button will check and uncheck properly when hidden/shown UPD: the angry lil button will only appear for regular battleground groups (the only premade type where there’s a choice) add: new option on the main premade popup menus: friend request add: bounty board now has a close button in the top right (on the black banner bar)

Posted on December 18th, 2013

Click here for the PC Instructions: **Prior to installing oQueue, the user must have activated a Battletag for their account. Related: Battle tag missing or invalid. Method 1: Zip File Extraction 1. Download oQueue from, there are 3 links available. Mac users want to download the “left most” link. 2. Right click this link and choose “save as”. 3. Save the file to your desktop. 4. Locate the saved file on your desktop. 5. Double click the saved file to extract the oqueue folder from the .zip file 6. Navigate to Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons 7. If present, Continue Reading

Posted on December 18th, 2013

Version 1.7.3 has been released and is exclusively available over at v1.7.3 BUGFIX: oqueue log click menu is back UPD: adjusted TTL from 5 to 4 (20% bandwidth savings) UPD: adjusted time between premade ads from 20s to 40s (50% bandwidth savings) add: highlight for groups you have wait listed add: new cmd (/oq grinch) countered by (/oq j2tw) v1.7.2 BUGFIX: various bug droppings BUGFIX: leadership rank for pve shown on tooltip BUGFIX: detecting boss kills better add: flex boss kills will now reward dkp v1.7.1 BUGFIX: would break wallet income calc upon exiting dungeon on toon with no hks Continue Reading

Posted on December 18th, 2013

Filtering group listings There are several methods to filtering groups on the find premade tab. The most effective are the qualified check box, the group type drop down, both of which are on the bottom of the find premade tab, and the search bar which is located on the top of the find premade tab. All three filters can be utilized together in any combination. 1. Qualified check box The qualified check box, when checked will show only premades / groups which your character qualifies for. Q: Why would i not be qualified for a group? A: When a premade Continue Reading