Posted on December 10th, 2013

oQueue version 1.6.9 has dropped as a mandatory update!

What does a mandatory update mean?

A mandatory update is declared when changes are made to the messaging protocol that oQueue uses to communicate. With oQueue version 1.6.9, there has also been changes to the blizzard addon api. Due to these changes to the addon api and oQueue messaging protocol, users who are slow to update to 1.6.9 from earlier versions will fail to see group information and may experience a larger than normal number of LUA error messages.

As always you can pickup the latest vesion from the authors website over at, or download it using the icebox self updater also available at

PLEASE NOTE: If you have just update to version 1.6.9, and there are no premades available on the find premade tab, please be patient as due to the protocol changes there will be communication disruptions until users with versions older than 1.6.9 update.

Please feel free to post any questions in the comments below, or on our forums!

v1.6.9  ** mandatory update **    (blizz api changes and oqueue protocol updates)
        BUGFIX: popup menus on wait list will no longer be 'under' buttons
        UPD: performance tweaks and various bug fixes
        UPD: improved group invites for regular bgs
        add: group reformation (only available for the group leader; right-click group leader)
        add: auto-inspect target keybinding
        add: on hover highlight for find-premade, wait-list, and ban-list boxes

Icebox v0.0.2 Launches

Icebox v0.0.2 has launched and is available over at If you are unfamiliar with icebox you can read our initial article here.

Changes to icebox includes additions to help idetify the proper WoW install location, and a additional prompt that will ask the user to provide the location of their WoW install should the client be unable to automatically detect it. If you are unsure of where you WoW is installed, you can check our guide here.

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